The Casual Vices of Fashion

By M Khamal Murray 

(writer @ TheJUXTAPOSITIONApe )

Is it just me or does this collaboration (of clothing) look as equally amazing as well as pretentious? I don’t know which comes first; the Fashion or the Pretending? Shrouded in a world of make-belief is the billion dollar fashion industry, herding waif thin girls, some as young as 14 years old into a world of tremendous beauty, pressure and viciousness.

Many celebrity supermodels have complained about the strain and pressure they have endured when they first started, saying some agents merely stop short of encouraging the girls to become anorexic and some, even blatantly condone it. On an episode of The Real House Wives of Atlanta, the model at large of the group Cynthia Bailey exclaimed to an employer after being picked up as a model that she is going to throw-up the food she just ate. That, of course was in bad taste (pun intended,) however the comment is a symptom of a greater problem that involves the perception of our identities - body dysmorphic disorder.  (see online test here

You can not exist in a North American and Western environments, especially territories that are inundated with media content without being trained and encourage subliminally to criticize your own apparence. Noting that 95% of that criticism is not directed at positively improving one’s health but primarily focused on appearance. Question: What would you have done to your anatomical body to improve its appearance?  Most of us will chose in excess of five procedures that we would like to have done to improve our appearance as oppose to engage in physical activity to improve our health.

Fashion I will admit, doesn’t naturally extend to health and fitness… yet it gives the apparence that it does. It has a complex composition, devised of: The Artist  - The Performers - The Scribes - The Admirers, The Wannabe & The Consumer- any one or combination of which we can embody. Fashion also permeates almost exclusively around the surface or more accurately the apparence. There never seems to be a real balance with fashion. There is always a discord or an uncontrollable violence to be the best, most beautiful, perfect and desirable image being. 

That said Fashion is wonderful; in the mass media Fashion is synonymous with the communion of artist from different genre’s coming together to appreciate something new, introspective and innovate. It functions as our mask, a way of placing distance between our physical selves and the world, and others. It is essential our second skin, the surrogate image that we seem to have executive control of, but like most famous and influential industries a callousness creeps in when a hierarchy develops.  Those who have had more exposure tend to viciously criticize the underlins, seemingly oblivious to the fact that fashion like most arts are subject to personal interpretation and personal style. 

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